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LGBT Friendly Salon

What Can I Expect from a LGBT Friendly Salon?

Many in the LGBT community have found it difficult to find the best salon for their needs. For some, they may not want a haircut that matches what the barber or stylist thinks the hair cut should look like. A LGBT Friendly Salon offers an experience where everyone can feel comfortable, no matter how they identify. In some salons, they cater to women that identify as women, while barber shops cater to men that identify as men. However, that is not how everyone identifies. A  A LGBT Friendly Salon uses appropriate pronouns and makes everyone feel welcome. Pronouns are used properly and no one is made to feel like they are not safe to be whomever they want to be. This salon sells products from companies that are open, welcoming, and allies of the LGBT community. The stylists will make you feel comfortable and help you find the look and style that makes you happy.

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