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The Hair Studio is a combination of renters and commission stylists. Our mission is to provide a salon culture that provides a space for your business to grow and flourish.


Join Our Crew...

Neighborhood Fixture

We have been part of the neighborhood for over 30 years.

We have a fantastic location in the heart of beautiful Sherman Oaks

We have a beautiful outdoor space for "Al Fresco" hair

Our Team

While our salon is beautiful our team is the best part of The Hair Studio.

Our stylists are driven professionals and all are team players.

We are careful with who we bring in. Those who are negative or unmotivated will not be invited to join our team.

So if  you choose to work with us you can know you will like who is on your left and your right.

Your Clients

Get ready to spoil your clients

We offer back bar, robes, towels.

We will add you to our team tab on our website making it easy for  your clients to find you and book their appointments

We have made our salon completely Covid compliant ensuring the safety of both you and your client.

We have a wonderful space outside to do "Al fresco" hair. 

Apply now

Shall we talk?

Complete the application and we'll be in touch
- Sarah and Michael

Apply here to work at The Hair Studio
your information here will be kept fully confidential
Let us know your specialties

Thank you for applying, We will be in touch by email within 24 hours M-F. 

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