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New Guest Booking Options

Seeing a new stylist isn't always easy. We get that, so we take away all the usual stress and confusion with our unique New Guest Booking Experience

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The Sweet and Simple

Just need your roots touched up and a trim or a fresh cut and a blow-dry?  Let's keep it simple. Choose The Sweet and Simple. If you have more than 1/2 inch of new growth please choose The All over Blonde or Color Service. 

Starting at $180.00

A Touch Of Blonde

Do you usually get highlights or Balayage around your face and the top of your head? Great then A Touch Of Blonde is for you. We'll finish off your visit with a trim or haircut and blow-dry.

Starting at $200.00

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Just A Cut

Want to skip the color and just get a haircut? Then this the service for you. 

Starting at $50.00-$100.00 

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A happy woman

The All Over Blonde or Color

Do you prefer lighter and brighter all over, maybe you usually get a full head of high lights, or balayage. Do you have more than an inch of regrowth on your color? then this is the service for you. We complete the service with a trim  or haircut and blow-dry.

Starting at $250.00

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The Smooth as Silk

Do you get a Keratin Treatment,  love your hair to be smooth as silk? This is the service for you. We use only the finest products to make your locks glimmer.

Starting at $250.00

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