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Hi, I'm Michael!

Specializing in haircuts and color

Michael (he, him, his) is the other half of the owners, he is a L.A. native  and is a huge Laker's fan.

"I got into this industry to meet people. I never thought that I would meet my wife but I did!
We have been part of this neighborhood for over 30 years."

I started in the early 80's and have been in love with it ever since. I enjoy the creative spirit and the interesting people that you meet in a salon. I also love the Sherman Oaks community, which is why Sarah and I have been located here for over 30 years .Our salon and our style has evolved over time. Now, during the 2020 pandemic, is no exception. I've noticed that a new trend has risen and I find I am doing more natural looking color and lower maintenance styles that are clean and longer lasting . Being a minimalist myself, I embrace this trend, and all the possibilities it brings!


Natural Herbs
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