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COVID Safe Salon Ventura Blvd

Can I Find a COVID Safe Salon Ventura Blvd?

These are challenging times we face in the wake of COVID. We have spent a significant amount of time being closed and now we are happy to be open again. We are a COVID Safe Salon on Ventura Blvd. As with many other businesses, we are operating at a limited capacity. For us, that is 25 percent of our capacity. This means that we require you to be on time since we can only have a limited amount of people in our salon. In an effort to keep you as safe as possible while you are in our salon, we make sure that all clients are six feet apart. All of our stations have dividers between them.

As a hair stylist Sherman Oaks, we want to make sure we keep you, all our clients, and our staff safe while you are in our salon. It is required that you wear a mask the entire time you are in the salon. The mask that you wear must be fitted properly. It must have loops that fit behind your ears. The mask must cover your nose and mouth the entire time that you are in the salon. If you are not wearing your mask properly, we will ask you to put it on properly. If you refuse to do so, we may ask you to leave. The mask you wear may get stained. Please make sure you wear a mask that you do not mind if it is stained. We do ask that you are mindful of how you are feeling. If you feel sick, please stay home. If you have a fever, please stay home. If you have been exposed to someone who is or has been sick, please stay home.

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